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I'm the son of two actors and so I am naturally very dramatic BUT there's more than meets the eye. I've been drumming since I was five years old and continued with music through university. So all in all, I'm a supercharged hybrid of actor and musician which is ever present in my work. Imagination, music, playfulness, and storytelling are at the heart of everything I do, whether it be as actor, director, musician, cinematographer, photographer and beyond. I love play and the interplay between all elements and my goal is to find new ways to blend all the wonderful influences of life. 



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My Channel
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James Kern Reel 2021

James Kern Reel 2021

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Eurydice Scene 01 by Sarah Ruhl

Eurydice Scene 01 by Sarah Ruhl

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I will be scoring all the laughs as Sir Andrew Aguecheek for the Delaware Shakespeare 2020 Tour of Twelfth Night

New Headshots

Amazing New Headshots! A collaboration Between Jenna Pinchbeck and Myself!

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Resident Teaching

I'll be mentoring highschool Playwrights in Wilmington with the Delaware Theater Company

Salt Water Moon

I was sad to see this Canadian 2 hand tour go down but on to new exciting things!


My YouTube Channel!